Why Us, Why Here?

Grace Oriented

October 3, 2021 / Josh Sercey

This week, Pastor Josh looks at what it means to be grace-oriented as a church. We see how the grace of God orients our relationship with God and with one another.


  • It’s important that we recognize our orientation to God and to each other. Otherwise, our orientation will look more like what we prefer rather than what pleases God. As a church, this means we have to be Grace-Oriented.
  • Grace orients our relationship with God. His grace was achieved for us in Christ, and his grace is filled with affection.
  • The affection of God’s grace is expressed through his grabbing welcome of us.
  • This grace of God means our grace for one another should be a growing reflex.


  • How would you describe your orientation in your relationship with God? Is it defined by grace, or something more like fear, unbelief, or insecurity?
  • The grace of God is expressed through his grabbing welcome of us. This is a welcome that grabs us out of unbelief and refreshes us. How have you experienced this divine welcome? Describe a time in which God surprisingly pulled you back into joy, peace, or belief.
  • Those who get grace give grace. This means when we understand the grace of God we will have a gracious reflex grow in us. Who in your life requires the most grace from you? How are you expressing that grace to them? 
  • One way we express grace for one another is through the practice of patience. How have you experienced the patience of God? Has that translated into your relationship with others?