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Grounded by Scripture

October 11, 2021 / Josh Sercey

This week, Pastor Josh explore the value of being Grounded by Scripture. We see together that grounding in Scripture starts with a foundational delight in Scripture.


  • As Christians, we have two “eyes” by which we see life: the Spirit of God and the Bible. Both are utterly essential. 
  • It’s essential that we are grounded in Scripture because we are always being discipled by something. 
  • The first question we must ask ourselves in order to be grounded in Scripture is this: do we delight in it? 
  • The Bible is worth delighting in because it is God’s testimony about himself and because it is effective in our discipleship.


  • The Christian has two “eyes”: the Holy Spirit and the Bible. And these work in tandem for our discipleship. How have you experienced the Holy Spirit illuminating any specific Bible passage for your encouragement? 
  • We need to be grounded in Scripture because everything else is trying to disciple you. If you did an honest look at your life, are there any specific ways you are being discipled by the world? (e.g. unhealthy levels of media consumption, addiction to social media, or obsession with politics)
  • Being grounded by Scripture starts at the level of delight. If you were honest, how much delight do you have in Scripture? If it is a low level, ask for prayer from one another.


Want to figure out where to start with reading your Bible?

Not sure how to understand and apply what you’re reading in the Bible? To complement this sermon, Pastor Josh did a short 10 minute video teaching using a simple approach for how to read your Bible. He walks through some practical steps you can take to help you in your study of the scriptures.

Watch the video on Vimeo, or find it on our Instagram.