Why Us, Why Here?

Spirit Empowered

September 26, 2021 / Josh Sercey

This week in our “Why Us, Why Here?” series, Pastor Josh looks at Acts 1:4-9 and explores why the Holy Spirit’s power is critical to our church.


  • Many of us feel cautious when we talk about the Holy Spirit, but that caution cannot lead us to neglect our need for the Holy Spirit.
  • We need the Holy Spirit because only his power actually changes things. 
  • The power God gives is always given for His purposes, not our own. 
  • Prayer must be central to our lives, because prayer precedes power.


  • Would you describe yourself as more open or more cautious when it comes to the Holy Spirit? Why?
  • The Spirit’s power is something that actually changes things. When the Holy Spirit shows up and works, it’s inevitable that things happen and change. How have you experienced this in your own personal discipleship? How has change come into your life through the ministry of the Holy Spirit?
  • God’s power is not given to us in order to use how we like for our own selfish purposes. Instead, God’s power is for God’s purposes. How have you seen the damage of people/leaders co-opting God’s power for their own purposes? How are you tempted to do the same? 
  • Welcoming the Spirit’s power in our life is not complicated: we just have to pray. Prayer always precedes power. What are your current prayer rhythms? What would you need to do practically in order to make prayer a more consistent and serious part of your life?