When Jesus Reigns

September 18, 2022 / Josh Sercey

This week Pastor Josh looks at Revelation 19 and 20. In this passage we are reminded of who Jesus is and why we should worship him.

  • The book of Revelation leads us to worship as we get a unique picture of Jesus. 
  • One thing we see is that Jesus never changes. Even when things fall apart around us, he remains the same. 
  • Jesus is also never contested. His rule is never challenged, and he is never threatened. 
  • Finally, Jesus saves us despite us. No matter what we do, what matters most is that we belong to Jesus.


  1. This week, Pastor Josh looked at Revelation 19 and 20 in order to learn some specific things about Jesus. First we saw how Jesus remains the same even when things around us are going crazy. How is it encouraging to you that Jesus never changes? How does that help you to trust him? 
  2. The second thing we saw is that Jesus is never contested or challenged. He wins just by the sheer nature of who he is. Where do you tend to doubt this? In what ways do you tend to think that evil actually has a chance? 
  3. Finally, we saw that Jesus saves us despite us. No matter what we’ve done, what ultimately matters is that we belong to Jesus. What areas of your life tend to make you doubt this? How do you need to believe again in the unending grace of Jesus?
  4. All of this is meant to lead our heart toward worship. And worship is not just singing, but our whole lives that are directed to honor and love Jesus. Is there any area of your life that’s lacking worship? Where do you need to redirect to Jesus?