Following Jesus in the City

September 4, 2022 / Josh Sercey

This week Pastor Josh explores how we as Christians can endure while living in a big city. We see from Revelation 17 – 19:21 how God speaks honestly about the city but also calls us to it.

  • Revelation 17 speaks of a prostitute that has deceived people. We see from the text that this imagery is meant to show the Babylon-like city of Rome.
  • Babylon is a term used by the Bible to describe any city that has rejected the living God and become self-dependent or selfish.
  • God judges cities like this, but he also calls us to it. 
  • The way Christians endure in a city like this is by investing in the city without becoming like the city.

Additional Scripture References: Jeremiah 29:4-11



  1. There is great difficulty being a faithful Christian in a big city. How have you experienced the difficulty of discipleship in Seattle? How has Seattle made following Jesus hard for you?
  2. In Revelation 18 we see that God judges cities that have become like “Babylon.” This means cities that have outright rejected him and become selfish or self-dependent. Why is it important that we see God speak honestly about the condition of a city? How is it encouraging to know that God knows everything that makes being a Christian in Seattle difficult?
  3. The difficulty of Seattle should not cause us to run. We do not need to be intimidated by our city’s sin. Instead, we should seek to stay and invest for its good. But also, the difficulty of Seattle is good for us as it presses certain idols out of our heart. How have you seen the difficulty of Seattle be for your good? How has it caused you to grow?
  4. While staying in a hard city, we must watchover the ways we are tempted to become like the city. We are in a city, but not of it. How are you currently fighting against cultural temptations here in Seattle? How can your Community Group encourage you to stay faithful to Jesus by being Seattle’s gospel-opposite?