Jesus the Great Philosopher


February 27, 2022 / Josh Sercey

This week, Pastor Josh looks at two important relationships that reveal our hearts: our spouses and our enemies.


  • Disconnected from the sermon, our world is suffering the tragedy of war. Pastor Josh started his sermon by praying through this and addressing the pain. And this community group environment is a solid space to discuss things like that. How has the invasion of Ukraine hit you? What pictures of courage or endurance have encouraged you the most?
  • One section of Jesus’s call to the heart revolves around those we marry. Marriage is a God-ordained commitment that should not be subjected to the destruction of divorce, with the exception of few valid reasons. How have you seen the pain divorce can bring to a couple and to those around them?
  • Jesus then moves to discuss how we view our enemies. And, not surprisingly, it’s a radical call. Take a moment to consider who you call an enemy. Would you be willing to chat through how you could bring loving toward them?
  • This type of devotion only comes when we stare at Jesus, seeing his commitment to love his enemies. In the last week, how has Jesus thrilled your heart or given you hope?