Jesus the Great Philosopher


February 6, 2022 / Josh Sercey

This week, Pastor Josh discusses anger. We see why Jesus speaks so seriously about it and how to give our angry hearts to Jesus in surrender.

  • We are all oriented to ourselves and assert ourselves. This often shows up through anger. 
  • Anger is a serious sin because, like murder, it devalues the dignity of a human being. 
  • To address our anger, we must examine and hand over sinful passions or wants.


  • Much of our anger starts with asserting ourselves. What are some areas or environments that you tend to assert or emphasize with others?
  • The heart of anger is just as sinful as the outward actions of anger. This anger can be revealed through actions or concealed when we withdraw. Are you more explosive in your anger or concealed in your anger?
  • As Jesus shows, unaddressed anger handicaps our relationship with God and threatens our relationship with others. What examples have you seen of this or experienced yourself?
  • Anger is all about passions and wants. We want things more than we value others. What passions or wants tend to be the source of your anger?