Advent 2021

The Magnificat of Mary

November 28, 2021 / Josh Sercey

This week we kick off our Advent series by looking at Mary’s Magnificat. We see how the incarnation of Jesus brought Mary joy in her humble estate.


  • Advent is meant to speak to us in our pain. It is all about real life.
  • Mary rejoices in the coming of Jesus because it shows God has shown favor to her humble condition. 
  • God gives grace to the humble, but the prideful he rejects. 
  • If we have been humbled by a hard year, we can have comfort because God moves toward us in our humble estate.


  • What do you know about Advent? How is celebrating Advent different than just celebrating Christmas? 
  • Our lowliness is the place God meets us. How has this year humbled you or brought you low?
  • God gives grace to the humble, but rejects the prideful. Why do you think God opposes the proud? 
  • The wonder of Advent is the humility of Jesus. When you think of how Jesus humbled himself, how does it make your heart rejoice?