Advent 2021

Zechariah’s Poem

December 5, 2021 / Josh Sercey

This week in our Advent series, Pastor Josh looks at Zechariah’s poem to see what can bring real peace in our real lives.


  • Peace can be elusive this time of year, either because of the year of pain in real life or the chaos of the season.
  • But as Christians, we have two tools that can bring peace in this Advent season. 
  • First, the faithfulness of God can bring peace. But we must detach our muddied expectations from God’s faithfulness.
  • Second, peace comes when we receive the mercy Jesus came to give.


  • One thing we sing about during Advent but rarely receive is peace. This is because we’re coming off what could have been a painful year and entering into a chaotic season. What level of peace would you ascribe to your life right now? Is there any specific area where your peace is being depleted? 
  • One of the ways to receive peace is to see the faithfulness of God. But we often confuse his faithfulness with our expectations. Can you describe a time where God demonstrated his faithfulness to you in ways you never expected? 
  • The other route to peace during Advent is to see the mercy of God dawning in Jesus Christ. Mercy brings light to the darkness of shame or guilt. Can you describe how mercy has made you rejoice? Is there any specific sin where you feel most resistant to mercy? 
  • Advent is, among other things, an invitation to give up on self-dependence or self-creation and receive the peace that comes living off of God’s promises and mercy. Let’s talk specifically about that category of promises. Is there a promise in Scripture that you’re currently holding onto and depending on? How can your group pray for you to encourage that continued faith?