Why Us, Why Here?

Seattle and Activism

November 14, 2021 / Josh Sercey

This week, Pastor Josh looks at the reality of activism in Seattle and how a Christian should both think about and practice activism.


  • Our culture is infatuated with a spirit of activism. But how should a Christian approach this? 
  • Activism exists because shalom doesn’t. We all remember what life is supposed to be like before sin, and feel that we need to fix that.
  • But we can’t fix it ourselves, even through activism. We are not our own messiah, and we need a real Messiah to come and teach us what justice really is.


  • Activism is meant to work toward justice. But, what definition would you give of actual justice? 
  • One of the ways our culture’s activism can go wrong is through a messiah complex. We think with enough education or change, we can fix what’s wrong with injustice. Why is this messiah complex untrue? How has history shown this belief in inevitable progress untrue? 
  • We as Christians can embrace activism because we have a Savior who blazes the trail for us. As Christian’s, we are joining in with what God is already doing in the world. How does this influence how we hope for justice?
  • God calls his people to participate in and push forward justice. Are you currently considering where you need to invest for a more just Seattle? If not, where do you need to change that?