Why Us, Why Here?

Seattle and Sexuality

November 7, 2021 / Josh Sercey

In this sermon, Pastor Josh looks at the story our culture is telling around our sexuality and personhood, and then shows the better story the Gospel has to offer.


  • Each of us are sexual sinners. None of us measures up to the sexual wholeness God requires. We need to be honest about that.
  • With this said, there is a false story our culture is telling about our personhood. This story makes our psychology our personhood, and then sexualizes our psychology. 
  • The better story is told by the Gospel, where we receive our identity instead of achieving it. This story tells us our created purpose, our corrupted problem, and our only hope for redemption.


  • The topic for this week is human sexuality and personhood. Unfortunately, most Christians don’t have relationships with those who have different sexual convictions or outlooks. To kick it off, do you have a relationship with someone who differs in their sexual convictions than you? If not, where can you begin seeking those relationships? 
  • The story our culture tells around what it means to be human is insufficient because it cuts us into pieces. We end up prioritizing our psychology above everything else, and our psyche is not strong enough to tow our personhood. How have you seen this go wrong? Why does the emphasis on personal psychological happiness eventually make us unhappy? 
  • The better story told by the Gospel is that of creation, corruption, and redemption. Why does it matter that we source our personhood from creation rather than ourselves? 
  • Though we have corrupted ourselves, the human story doesn’t stop there. God intervenes in order to make our personhood slowly reformed back to what we were made for. How are you currently experiencing that renewal? How is God changing you back into someone who reflects his glory?