Stand Alone Sermons

Icon’s Last Sermon: Mark 5

January 7, 2024 / Nate D.

This Sunday, Nate D. preached Icon’s last sermon, addressing Mark 5. As we prepare to go out and join new churches across Seattle and beyond, this passage provides a compelling vision for what we should expect to see in the Kingdom of God. And as we reflect on our time together at Icon coming to a close, this passage also helps us understand how to deal with the times in life Jesus doesn’t fully meet our expectations.


  1. The story of Jesus healing the demon-possessed man (Mark 5:1-20) can leave us wondering, what if this is not our lived experience? We yearn for blessing but are faced with unmet expectations.
  2. In Mark 5:21-43, we encounter and see the contrast the stories of Jairus and his dying daughter, and the ceremonially unclean woman of 12 years. Both seeking healing, and are ultimately healed, from Jesus, but their stories and manner in which they pursue healing greatly differ.
  3. Our relationship with God is only as strong as the thinnest points of faith in our lives.
  4. Real faith is forged in the hard places of life. Why? Because he wants intimate relationship with us, which requires that we lay it all bare before Him.
  5. If death is nothing to Him, there is nothing to fear. He will care for us in the hard places and is powerful enough to do so.
  6. Jesus moves at Jesus’ speed. Sometimes He brings about hard things by delaying, but blessings frequently come not in the timing nor way we would choose.
  7. What can look and feel like unmet expectations is God working in His timing and way. He can not be thwarted.


  1. Have there been times in your life in the past or present when you feel that God’s promise of deliverance or contentment, etc has eluded you? How can you combat the temptation to doubt His provision?
  2. Do you resonate with the demon-possessed man, the woman, or Jairus in any way? How do their stories encourage your faith?
  3. Do you have a “game plan” for finding a new church community? Are there concerns or questions you have in looking for a new church? How can we encourage each other and help one another in this transitional time?