Stand Alone Sermons

Be Transformed

November 12, 2023 / Eric Boles

This Sunday, we welcome Eric Boles, President of The Game Changers Inc. Speaking from Romans 12:1-2 and Philippians 4:6-8, Eric talks about the work that goes into transformation, the strength that comes from it, and how to be confident and not worry in the midst of it.


  • Our faith is the currency of the Kingdom
  • Transformation is a process: it’s not the circumstances that change, it is our minds that are transformed
  • We should not (though we often are) be surprised when transformation includes trials, pain, difficulties (John 16:33)
  • Sometimes, our anxieties and worries are less about what we’re going through and more so a habit
  • We have a perspective problem: we are more influenced by the world (note: this can be subtle, what are you immersed in?) than we influence the world
  • The primary tool the enemy uses to stop our transformation is amnesia (forgetting the Lord’s faithfulness)
  • In transformation, God brings us to a different place then we were before so that we can see better
  • Biblical love is not about reciprocity but sacrificial love; transformation in our lives results in laying our lives down
  • Jesus works through others to reach us; Jesus works through us to reach others


  1. Do you have a particularly transformative season(s) in your life? Share as a testimony to how God brought you / is bringing you to a new place and changed your perspective through the transformation of your mind and heart.
  2. Eric said in his sermon that “transformation is a process, a lot like training.” What does this mean practically and what does your ‘training’ look like as you take steps to become more like Jesus?
  3. In Philippians 4, the scripture states ‘do not be anxious about anything…’ What is your anything? Will you commit to giving it over to the Lord tonight?