The Throne and The Lamb

July 24, 2022 / Josh Sercey

This week Pastor Josh explores John’s vision of the throne of God and the Lamb that won God’s victory in Revelation 4-5.

  • We all have some idea of greatness, but in Revelation we see God alone is great. 
  • John sees the greatness of God by witnessing his beauty, power, and worth. 
  • John sees that the purposes of God are accomplished by an unexpected victor: a slain Savior.


  1. Through this text in Revelation we see that God alone is great. What are some ideas of greatness you have? What makes someone “great”? 
  2. Pastor Josh showed that in the throne room of God, even the best of creation give their worship to him. Where does your life reflect this level of worship? Do you give him your first and best affection, or just what’s left over? 
  3. The Apostle John witnessed something strange when seeing the one who accomplished God’s purposes: a slain yet standing Lamb. Through this vision we see that in God’s Kingdom weakness is often the road to victory. Where do you tend to despise your weaknesses? How have you seen God use your weakness as a means to victory by his strength? 
  4. The Lamb has secured our salvation through his death. Period, end of story. How do you need to receive or be encouraged by the finished work of Jesus? What areas of your life need a fresh dose of grace?