When Your Idols Fall

July 10, 2022 / Seth Westhoff

This week, guest preacher Seth Westhoff looks at Jesus’s message to the church in Laodicea in Revelation 3:14-22. We see the need for zealous repentance when our faith has become lukewarm.

  • The church in Laodicea was known for their wealth and culturally elite status. And yet, Jesus saw their true spiritual poverty. 
  • Jesus identifies for them that their idols of money and power have blinded them to their true need, making them spiritually lukewarm. 
  • Jesus invites them and us to be zealous and repent of our lukewarm faith. We can do this when we receive from Jesus what our idols are falsely promising.


  1. As Seth showed us, the Laodiceans were very wealthy and held an elite status in culture. And in many ways, so do we here in Seattle. How has Seattle’s wealth or cultural sway tempted you to place your hope in something other than Jesus? 
  2. We see from the church in Laodicea that when we idolize something it quickly degrades our faith into something lukewarm and unpleasant. How have you experienced this? Can you describe a time where your faith felt tepid and lukewarm? 
  3. When we find our faith is lukewarm, we must take action. As Jesus says in the text: be zealous and repent. Is there anything that is keeping you from having a zeal in your faith? If so, how can you practice repentance there? 
  4. Jesus doesn’t just tell us to repent. He also invites us to receive from him what our idols are falsely promising. What do you need to return to Jesus for? (i.e. comfort, hope, identity, love)