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Invest in the Icon Family!

At Icon Church we talk a lot about family. In healthy families, you are seen, cared for, and supported. You are known and loved. And, in a healthy family, you have a role to play.

Kids set the table for dinner, parents cook the meal, the dog eats the food that falls on the floor. We all participate.

In the same way, at Icon, we call everyone to find their right next step to contribute to the family.

Our prayer is that when we are all working together, sharing our skills, passions, and talents with each other, our entire community will flourish – yourself included!

Check out our teams below to see how you can jump in, and then click the “Volunteer” button to fill out the interest form. Our team will reach out with next steps!


Volunteer Teams

All volunteers are asked to serve on a once-a-month basis.


Worship & Production Team

Mission of team: Lead and facilitate worship through music for the people of Icon Church on Sundays.
Roles: Bass, Keys, Guitar, Vocals, Orchestral Stringed Instruments, Audio Tech, Graphics Tech.
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Icon Kids Team

Mission of team: Partner with the families at Icon in discipling their kids to follow Jesus.
Roles: Classroom Teacher and Classroom Helper
Click for team and role details


Welcome Team

Mission of team: Ensure that every person who walks in the doors at Icon feels seen and welcomed into community.
Roles: Greeter, Usher, Safety
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Story Team

Mission of team: Winsomely share the story of Icon to invite others to follow Jesus faithfully in real life.
Roles: Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer/Developer
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Volunteer Interest Form
Who’s got time to read their Bible?We get it.

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No matter how busy you are, a small step can make a big difference. Give it a try.