Why Us, Why Here?

Sent on Mission

October 24, 2021 / Josh Sercey

This week, Pastor Josh explores the value of being Sent on Mission. The Scripture for this week comes out of Matthew 28:16-20.


  • We cannot just have the previous five values without this final one. If we are to be a church that is faithful to God, we have to value being Sent on Mission
  • The mission of the church revolves around disciple-making. At Icon, we are to be making new disciples and growing current disciples. 
  • The mission of the church is not done from a place of confidence in ourselves, but confidence in the authority of Jesus. He has all authority, and so he can make sure that our efforts toward his mission actually succeed.


  • It seems as though Christians fall into two categories: missional or relational. We either think a lot about God’s mission, or a lot about our own personal relationship with God. Where would you place yourself in that? Do you think the church exists for itself or for those who don’t know Jesus?
  • The mission of the church is about making disciples. That means making new disciples and growing current disciples. As Josh mentioned on Sunday, this means current disciples are just as important of a missional focus as new disciples. How would you rate your own participation in this discipleship process? What level of seriousness does your discipleship hold in your real life?
  • The authority of Jesus is our confidence, even in a difficult city that opposes much of what we believe. If you believed that Jesus possesses all authority, how would that change the way you view our city? How would that cause a shift in your life to become more missional?
  • Who are you currently talking to about Jesus? Is there anyone in your life you need to pray for an opportunity to share the Gospel with?