Vision Sunday 2022

Vision Sunday 2022

January 2, 2022 / Josh Sercey

For the first Sunday of the year, Pastor Josh sets the tone for what we should hope for at Icon this year.


  • The need in Seattle is great, and the only thing that will work is the church at its best. 
  • The church is at its best when it is spiritually alive and vibrant. 
  • At Icon, we hope to pursue this spiritual vibrancy through “live orthodoxy.” This means we actively seek the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and set a solid foundation of theology.


  • Pastor Josh started off his sermon by talking about Seattle’s pain and desperation, which can lead us to wonder whether God has left Seattle. Have you ever wondered this question? If so, what do you do with that question? 
  • With such pain and desperation, we should seek to be the best version of the church, which means we are spiritually alive and vibrant. If you were honest, how would you rate your spiritual pulse or vibrancy? What has maybe led to where you are? 
  • At Icon, we’ll pursue spiritual vibrancy through “live orthodoxy,” which means life from the Holy Spirit in the context of truth. Specifically in that first part, are you nervous about the Holy Spirit? Does his work make you excited, worried, or skeptical? 
  • We should be a spiritually alive church not only because of Seattle’s need, but also because Jesus deserves our vibrancy. His sacrifice is our motivation. How is the work and sacrifice of Christ motivating your devotion these days?