Stand Alone Sermons

Habits of Worship

July 17, 2022 / Dr. Beau Hughes

This week guest preacher Beau Hughes walks us through the habits of our worship and how our habits change what we love. 

  • We are worshiping creatures. Whether in our careers, relationships, or personal lives, we can’t help but worship something. 
  • For Christians, this worship should be directed to God, but it is often directed elsewhere. 
  • We can change this misdirection of worship with our habits, because our hearts often follow our habits.


  • We can’t help but worship. Whether through our career ambitions, our relationship status, or the overall sense of peace in our life, we’re all finding something to worship. If you had to be honest, what are some things currently receiving your worship and devoted attention?
  • To change our worship and the love of our hearts, we often need to change what we’re doing. Things work from the inside out, but also from the outside in. How have you experienced this process of change? What habits have ended up changing how you feel about something?
  • For the Christian life this change of worship is pursued by a change of habits. What are your current spiritual disciplines that you are excelling at? Which are most shaping to you? Which are most difficult for you?
  • We pursue these habits not to win God’s love, but for our hearts to be readied to receive his love. In your current spiritual life, how easy it to receive God’s love? Is his love something you are accepting or something you are rejecting?