Stand Alone Sermons

God Our Refuge

February 26, 2023 / Luke Davis

Guest pastor Luke Davis teaches from Psalm 62:5-8, which reminds us of the truth that God is our one true refuge and how we can and should run to Him. 

  • The Bible displays the vastness and inexhaustibility of God, creation, and humans. And since we are always trying to figure out how to make our way through the mystery of our own lives and of others, we need something to hold onto and to offer to others as a reliable foundation of safety. 
  • Psalm 62 begs the question, “Where should our heart find refuge and safety?” Verses 5-8 provide the answer and the means. 
  • In order to find refuge in God alone Ps. 62:5-8 commands God’s people to:
    • “Wait in silence”
    • “Trust in Him at all times” 
    • “Pour out your heart” 
  • Ultimately, Jesus offers us a complete fulfillment of what we find in Ps. 62. He offers us a table and a meal, refuge and relationship with the one true God through his salvation and new covenant.


  • Exodus 14:10-14
  • John 5:24
  • John 10:9


  1. Have someone slowly read through all of Psalm 62 and consider the following questions as you listen (Open up for responses afterward):
    • What do we notice or learn about God and humanity? 
    • Is there any part of this psalm that resonates with you or is there any part that you have a hard time with?
  2. In the sermon, Luke taught that in order to seek God as our refuge we must “wait in silence”. Based on what we know of the Bible and our own experience, how do we actually wait in silence for God? (Use specific examples in the Bible and/or in our own lives)
    •  What do our responses show about our hearts and about what we believe about God?
    •  Key sermon quote: “Stillness and quietness are features of a close relationship with God.”
  3. The second command in the sermon was to “trust in Him at all times”. In order for us to truly seek God as our refuge, we must first understand where we tend to run elsewhere. Luke asked “What is your ‘refuge reflex’? Where does your heart tend to run for peace, comfort, healing, etc.? (Can be general answers but encouraging specificity helps bring ourselves into the light and into being truly known and truly loved.) 
    • What things convince our heart against running to God as our first help in difficulty?
  4. In response to waiting in silence and choosing to place our trust in Him, we are commanded to pour out our hearts to God, which is how we run to Him. 
    • What has been your usual disposition toward pouring your heart out to God in prayer? Why do you think this is
    • What keeps you from opening up the real you to God? When you pray, what do you imagine God’s attitude is toward you?
    • Key sermon quote: “We don’t have to sort our thoughts and feelings when we come to God. We can and should bring our raw and unfiltered thoughts and feelings to Him…When we pour ourselves out to God through prayer God transforms us in His presence.”
  5. Practicing: One way to practice seeking God as our refuge is to do it together. These psalms were not written for the individual reader, but for the congregation of Israel to sing and live out together. How can we seek God as our refuge both now, in our time together, and going forward in our week?