Stand Alone Sermons

Descriptions of the Heart

May 21, 2023 / Mark Smith

Stories are imaginative, descriptive, and all around us. Jesus is the master storyteller who told stories in the form of parables for the heart about the heart. This week, Mark Smith preached from Luke 8:4-15. He explored how the Parable of the Sower is a story of the heart, shared to teach us about the conditions of our hearts and what happens when the Gospel takes root in a willing and noble heart.


  • Read Luke 8:4-15 as a group and share brief takeaways from the sermon this past Sunday.
  • What is the significance of parables? How do these stories connect us with the audience
    Jesus originally spoke to?
  • What was Jesus’ two-fold purpose in telling the crowds his parables? What hope do we have
    as disciples of Jesus? Read Matthew 13:11-17 together as a group and discuss.
  • Read Luke 8:11-15 and discuss Jesus’ four descriptions of the heart. Have you seen any
    examples in your own life and witness?
  • How does our confidence in Christ strive us to live in nobility?
  • What comfort is offered to those who are sowing seeds for the Gospel?