Stand Alone Sermons

Crying Out When You Can’t Cope

March 13, 2022 / Josh Sercey

This week, Josh takes a break from our Jesus the Great Philosopher series to preach from Psalm 123 about endurance in exhaustion and seeking the sustaining help of God.

  • Human beings only have a certain capacity to cope. We all hit our ceiling in life. 
  • When we hit our ceiling, we have a transcendent, sovereign God to cry to.
  • Part of crying to God involves the patience to wait.
  • Our waiting is helped by Jesus’s mercy through his shared experience in our suffering.


  1. We all hit our limit and eventually have enough of life’s difficulty. If you’re willing, can you share a time in life when you were exhausted or tapped out?
  2. When we’ve had enough of life, we have a transcendent God we can cry to. Why do you think it matters that God be transcendent? How does that help our crying to him?
  3. Crying out to God rarely means immediate relief. We often have to demonstrate patience in our cry. Can you describe a time where you cried out to God for an extended period of time and he came through? 
  4. We are helped in our waiting by knowing Jesus is merciful to us because he himself suffered like we do. How does it comfort your heart to know that Jesus is not a stranger to everything you’re feeling in your exhaustion?