When Jesus Knows You’re Faking It

June 19, 2022 / Ben Wishall

This week one of our Elder Candidates, Ben Wishall, looks at Jesus’s message to the church in Sardis in Revelation 3:1-6. We see how Jesus is intent on addressing the core of who we are and not just what we project to others.

  • The church in Sardis was deluded by their own sense of safety. But Jesus shows them that though they look okay on the outside, inwardly they are spiritually dead.
  • This shows us that Jesus is most concerned with who we truly are rather than what we think of ourselves or make others think of us. 
  • In Seattle, we are often tempted or pressured to attach ourselves to identities that Jesus doesn’t give us. Because of that, we have to maintain diligence to find our identity truly in him.