The Unholy Trinity

August 21, 2022 / Josh Sercey

This week Pastor Josh looks at the two beasts in Revelation 13. We see how evil will use political and religious powers to pressure Christians out of their discipleship.

  • The two beasts that are described in Revelation 13 represent errant political power and errant religious power. These two errant forces try to pressure Christians out of their discipleship.
  • It’s easy for us to see how this applies to us today. Both on the right and on the left, there are pressures to strip down our discipleship. Neither side can stomach a fully faithful Christian.
  • In order to endure this, Christians should be analyzing their discipleship practices that will help them to stay faithful to Jesus even when under this kind of pressure.

Additional Scripture References: Daniel 7:1-14



  1. This chapter has two of the most widely misinterpreted things in Revelation: the mark of the beast and 666. How have you heard these described before? Why is it important to recognize the symbolism and deeper meaning of these two things?
  2. Revelation 13 shows us two strange beasts that come against God’s people. They represent errant political power and errant religious power that tries to pressure Christians out of their discipleship to Jesus. We don’t experience much of what our fellow Christians do around the world, but where do you see political pressure to cave as a Christian? Why is it important to recognize that both sides of the political aisle try to exert this pressure?
  3. In order to endure pressure like this, we’ve got to analyze the strength of our discipleship practices. There’s no room for skating by any longer; our discipleship must be stronger than the outside influences. How would you rate your current practices as a disciple of Jesus? How do you need to strengthen those practices?
  4. Jesus is the perfect example of how religious and political powers can come together to destroy. The Jewish leaders wanted him dead, and Pilate caved into their demand. And we must keep that in mind while strengthening our discipleship so that we don’t become self-dependent or distraught. We must look to Jesus. How is your current “vision” of Jesus? How is he encouraging you or strengthening you?