Our Witness in a World of Judgment

August 7, 2022 / Josh Sercey

This week Pastor Josh looks at the Seven Trumpets in Revelation. Through this text, we see the warning God gives around the dangers of sin and how God wants his church to react.

  • The Seven Trumpets are meant to be warnings around the judgment sin brings. It is not a full judgment on sin, but rather a warning around what comes when sin is left unrepented. 
  • We may struggle to see the justice of these warnings, but only because we don’t recognize the horror of sin. When we see sin for what it is, we are more repulsed by sin itself than the punishment it brings.
  • In a world that is being warned about judgment, the church is meant to be a witness that embodies personal sacrifice and personal repentance.


  1. We’ve all experienced warnings. Parents, loved ones, and friends sometimes warn us in their efforts to keep us safe or help us flourish. But whether that warning gets through is another thing. How have you generally reacted to someone trying to warn you? Are you skeptical and dismissive, or open and receptive?
  2. The trumpets in Revelation are meant to be warnings around the judgment that sin will eventually bring. It is not a full judgment yet, but a taste of it. Judgment is a tough category sometimes. How do you react when you consider the ways the Bible talks about judgment for sin? What do you think would be wrong about sin never being judged?
  3. The images throughout the seven trumpets are shocking, and they’re supposed to be. They’re meant to give us a shock at what sin brings, all to help us see the danger and horror of sin. If you were to be honest, how do you treat or think about sin? Is it simply seen as a mistake, or do you sense the weight of what it really is?
  4. In a world that is warned about judgment, the church is meant to be a witness. One of the ways we do this is through our own personal repentance and gospel-belief. In this sermon Pastor Josh shared a list of statements that help us identify where our idols are and what we need to repent of. Which of those stood out to you? Do you have more clarity from that around what areas you need to embody repentance?