Released from ______. (A Study in Romans)

Released from the Law

June 22, 2021 / Josh Sercey

Some of us are chronic rule followers. And even those who aren’t type A know that we need to know what’s expected of us in order for a relationship or job to go well. This is the same for our relationship with God. But, as we see in this week’s sermon, our relationship with God is not measured by law but by love.



Belonging to the Law:

  • The Law was created as a bridge, a mediator between them and God. It was a way for Israel to relate to God. 
  • If we rely on works of the Law, we are under a curse. If we can’t keep every letter of the Law, we’re out.
  • To belong to the Law means you rely on the Law to relate to God and that is the worst news. We doom ourselves to condemnation because we can’t ever keep it. 
  • This creates self righteous, self-reliant people, or people who give up all together. 


Belonging to Jesus Christ:

  • This is the only place of belonging where we will ever bear fruit or truly bring service to God
  • We now relate to God through Jesus Christ. He becomes our mediator
  • This brings safety because the salvation is never up to us
  • Now we can focus on relating to God instead of maintaining our own security through our own works
  • This is the way forward