Released from ______. (A Study in Romans)

Released from the Back and Forth

July 4, 2021 / Josh Sercey

If you’ve ever been surprised by how sinful you still are, this sermon is for you. Continuing our Romans series, we take a look at how the Apostle Paul himself was confused or dismayed by his own ongoing sin. Tune in to find out how Paul got clarity on this confusion and found rest in Jesus.



The seriousness of our sin…

  • We have to accept that we are not naturally good.  We don’t trend towards good, we trend towards wrong/sin/evil/whatever is self-serving
  • The Fall and sin has curved us inward
  • As Christians, there is a chasm between what we want to do and what we actually do

Evil lies close at hand…

  • Sin does not disappear when we become a believer. It forever wants to convince us that our lives before Jesus were better. It’s always there waging war. 
  • Sin shows up exactly when you want and try to do good. 
  • Sin is active and strategic. It is always ready 

Thanks be to God…

  • Through Jesus Christ we can find release and freedom
  • We will continue to fight the war against sin as long as we are human, but Jesus will continue to show up with grace and mercy to save us from that sin. 
  • Jesus knew exactly what He was getting into when He went to the cross 
  • We might be surprised by our sin, but Jesus isn’t