Released from ______. (A Study in Romans)

Released from Sin

June 8, 2021 / Josh Sercey

What is sin? What effect does it really have on my life? How do I break free of sin?

Sin can be very sticky, leaving us confused on how to get out. But when we trust in Jesus, our relationship with sin categorically changes. Jesus has changed our identity, which changes how we live and think about ourselves. That’s why freedom from sin doesn’t come with just trying harder, but seeing Jesus better.

Three truths to consider in finding real release from sin:

  • Everyone is a servant to something
    • You are never truly autonomous. We always live in allegiance to something beyond ourselves
  • Everyone is born a slave to sin 
    • Sin is not just a thing you do, it’s a power at work in the world and in you
    • Without Jesus as savior, you have no other option than to be subject to the power of Sin in the world
  • Everyone is free in Christ
    • Everything true about Jesus is now yours through union with Him by faith. 
    • You are no longer subject to the reign of sin when you are in Christ
    • When we obey God and refuse sin we are most like ourselves.
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