Released from ______. (A Study in Romans)

Released from Doubt

August 15, 2021 / Josh Sercey

Doubt is common, but not all doubt is alike. Sometimes we experience emotional doubt just as much as intellectual doubt. This week, Pastor Josh takes us through emotional doubt and why God’s demonstration on the cross can help us to be released from this type of doubt.



Emotional Doubt

All of us experience doubt, but not all doubt is alike. We sometimes experience emotional doubt where we become suspicious of someone’s real thoughts about us or feelings toward us. 

This type of doubt often creeps into our relationship with God, and we become suspicious of whether he really loves us or is for us.

God is For Us

God is for us in Jesus Christ, and this ultimately means that no opposition will be able to triumph over the church.

Christians should not be intimidated by the difficulty of our culture or our city, but confident in God’s advocacy and help.

God’s Generosity

We don’t need to be suspicious of God’s heart toward us because he has demonstrated his heart in giving over his very own beloved Son.

When we accept this as God’s heart toward us, we are able to become carefree and lighthearted.