Released from ______. (A Study in Romans)

Released from Death

June 14, 2021 / Justin Anderson

What happens when you suddenly tell a group of very religious people that they are no longer bound to the Law for righteousness? They start sinning, that’s what. Paul knows people and so he gets ahead of this human impulse with a series of rhetorical questions. Paul expects that the Romans will wonder if they have to keep obeying now that their standing with God is based on grace.



  • Should we keep sinning?
    • Where sin abounds, grace abounds more. Is this an excuse to continue sinning?
    • Of course not. Jesus died to set us free from our sin
  • Why should we not sin?
    • If it’s about grace now and not the law, then shouldn’t we be able to sin? What’s our motivation to stop sinning?
    • Because we are slaves…”
    • Whatever you give yourself to, you are then enslaved to it. 
  • There are only two choices:
    • Slave to sin or slave to obedience 
    • How we were created to live and everything else.