The Secret of Contentment

September 10, 2023 / Ben Wishall

Elder Ben Wishall finishes off our eight week Philippians series with Philippians 4:10-23. Ben teaches that through our generosity God will bring forth growth and contentment to us through the strength of Christ.


  1. Contentment is available regardless of circumstance (v 11-12)
  • Enhancing our life by changing our circumstances will not bring lasting contentment; you will always be chasing something
  1. Contentment takes work (v 11-13)
  • Paul says Christ gives him the strength, not the contentment directly, to be content
  • We have an active role to play, we must harness the strength Christ provides
  1. Contentment is a fruit of generosity (v 14-19)
  • The promise that we have is when we obey the Lord with a generous lifestyle, God will grow the fruit of contentment in us and moves our heart towards Jesus
  • When we walk in obedience, there is fruit; maturity and growth follows obedience; through our obedience God shapes and forms and matures us
  • 2 Corinthians 9:6-8
  1. True contentment is found in our heavenly citizenship (v 19)
  • The riches of God are found in his glory, in the eternal, because God is after our soul, not comforts in this life
  • He wants to provide us with what we need the most: Jesus
  • Jesus is where we find lasting contentment, where our soul can be truly satisfied
  • 2 Corinthians 1:20 



  1. Prior to this sermon, how would you describe the secret of contentment? How might your answer differ after this exhortation from Philippians 4?
  2. Which of these four tenets of contentment in Christ resonates the most with you? Which one do you wrestle with the most or find the hardest to grasp?
  3. How might God be calling you to live generously today?