Jesus the Great Philosopher

The Beatitudes

January 16, 2022 / Josh Sercey

This week, Pastor Josh looks at the Beatitudes and how they flip our idea of happiness upside down.


  • Jesus’s call in the Beatitudes is a call into a lifestyle. 
  • The “blessing” of the Beatitudes is about our state of flourishing. 
  • The Beatitudes invite us into flourishing by aligning us with where God is taking the world.


  • The Beatitudes invite us into flourishing through some uncomfortable invitations. How have you experienced something beautiful coming from suffering or inconvenience? 
  • Pastor Josh walked through how these Beatitudes are meant to cause us to flourish. If you were to give your own definition, how would you describe a flourishing life?
  • To answer the invitation of these Beatitudes we have to let go of our cheap, temporary views of happiness. If you were honest, what are some cheap ways you’re currently seeking happiness?
  • None of us can always walk down this path; we desperately need the grace of Jesus to keep going. Is there any area in your life that you need the grace of Jesus to pick you back up in?