Jesus the Great Philosopher

Goods of This World: One Master

March 27, 2022 / Josh Sercey

In this week’s sermon on Matthew 6:19-24, Pastor Josh explores how Jesus thinks about money. We see the importance of analyzing where our allegiance and hope lies: either with God, or with money.

  • The category of money is critical to our discipleship. We cannot exempt how we deal with money from our discipleship. 
  • Jesus wants to adjust our risk management, showing that everything we have will one day end. 
  • You have to choose whether to serve God or money. Serving one will subjugate the other.


  1. Many of us try to exclude money from our discipleship. Why is this so tempting? Why are we so private about our finances? 
  2. Everything we enjoy in this world is the stuff of future garage sales. Everything here falls apart. But we still hold onto it. Why is it so hard to not hope in what we own, even though we know it will go away? 
  3. To serve God is to subjugate money. To serve money is to subjugate God. We have to choose which one we will serve. Where are you tempted to use God for financial gain? 
  4. Our grip on money can be loosened when we see the beauty of God’s grace in Jesus. Is there a specific aspect of who Jesus is that you’re currently finding beautiful and motivating?