Jesus the Great Philosopher

Goods of This World: Anxiety

April 3, 2022 / Josh Sercey

In this week’s sermon on Matthew 6:25-34, Pastor Josh looks at what Jesus says about our anxiety. We see how Jesus invites us to see reality through a biblical lens, how that can calm our anxiety, and how to begin seeing in a new way through faith.

  • We are simultaneously the safest generation and the most anxious generation. This shows that no level of self-protection will actually solve our anxiety. 
  • Anxiety is the dark shadow of our uniquely human capacity to hope. 
  • Jesus invites us out of anxiety by showing us a better reality: the reality of God’s lavish care and the reality of His reigning kingdom.
  • To truly take on that new reality, we must do so by faith. But faith is not blind. Faith is the deeply healthy state of the soul in which we let God be God.


  1. Anxiety is the great health crisis of our time. And yet, we are more safe than any of our ancestors could have dreamed. Why is it that we are so anxious even when we’re so safe? What could be underneath that persistent anxiety?
  2. Anxiety is the dark shadow of our uniquely human capacity to hope. Instead of looking toward the future with longing, we look toward it with dread. What examples of this type of anxiety do you have in your own life? Is there anything you’re uniquely anxious about right now?
  3. Jesus invites us to see reality through the lens of God’s lavish care and His reigning Kingdom. Much of long to see life through those lenses, but deeply struggle with doubt. Is there anything specific that leads you to doubt God’s attentive care? What evidence from creation, your experience, or from Matthew 6 shows you God is worth trusting?
  4. We will never be free from anxiety until we lose our desire for control. We all know we don’t have control, but the problem is that we still want it. Share with the group why you think you desire control. After that confession, reflect together on how God demonstrates his control better than we ever could.