I Lift My Eyes

What do you do when nothing seems to work? When it comes to the Christian life, there are sometimes seasons where our sin, doubts, or suffering feel too persistent. And worst of all, God seems nowhere to be found. This experience is what the church has historically called “the dark night of the soul.” This is a time where life is uniquely heavy, and God seems far. Throughout this short series, we will be exploring three common things that can prompt a “dark night of the soul.” We’ll see how to navigate sin, doubt, and suffering. And most of all, we’ll see how to reconnect with God who is always near.

Sermon List

Enduring Suffering

November 20, 2022 / Josh Sercey

Dealing with Doubt

November 13, 2022 / Josh Sercey

Stuck in Sin

November 7, 2022 / Ben Wishall