Fruit of the Spirit

Experiencing Joy

October 8, 2023 / Luke Frank

This week, we learn about joy from Icon friend Luke Frank as he continues our Fruit of the Spirit sermon series. Luke shares about how the hope we have in the Gospel can lead to an unending joy that is so much more than happiness and outlasts our circumstances.


  • There’s 400+ verses in the Bible that mention joy. Pastor Luke included 20 of them, including a key takeaway from each:
  • Joy is neither created by us, manufactured by us, or dependent on us; we are free to receive the gift of joy instead of working harder to earn it or achieve it.
  • Joy is found in His presence, a relational experience with the living God.
  • In this Bible Project video, Tim Mackie (co-founder) describes joy as “an attitude God’s people adopt not because of happy circumstances, but because of their hope in God’s love and promises.”
  • We must abide (remain, stay connected) in Him for the fruit of joy to be produced in our life (John 15:4-5)


  1. Take a moment to take inventory of your life right now. Are you experiencing joy? If not, do you have an idea as to why? Are there areas of your life where you tend to experience the power or presence of joy more than others?
  2. Why is joy essential to our life as followers of Jesus Christ?
  3. What have you learned as you’ve practiced abiding in Christ? How are you going to take steps to abide in Him and remain in His presence?


Luke led the congregation through a guided, listening prayer during the sermon. Here are the questions he asked, in case you wish to refer back to them:

  • Lord, what do you want me to know about joy? Pause and wait on Him.
  • Lord, what is keeping me from being joyful? Is there anything in my life that is keeping me from receiving the joy that you have for me? Pause and wait on Him.
  • Lord, what is keeping me from abiding in you? What is keeping me from connecting with you? Pause and wait on Him.
  • Lord, is there a lie that I am believing? Pause and wait on Him.
  • Lord, whatever it is that is keeping me from experiencing your joy, will you take that burden from me? Pause and wait on Him.
  • Lord, what do you want me to receive in this moment? Pause and wait on Him.