Easter 2022

Easter Sunday 2022

April 17, 2022 / Josh Sercey

This Easter Sunday, Pastor Josh shares three implications of why the resurrection should seize us into astonishment: the victory over death, the forgiveness of sins, and the real hope we have.

  • We all have a reaction to the resurrection driven by our worldview. But the women’s reaction in the Gospel of Mark is unique: trembling joy and astonishment. 
  • We so often miss the astonishing nature of the resurrection. To avoid this, we should remember all that the resurrection implies and brings.
  • The resurrection means real victory over death. Death is no longer permanent. 
  • The resurrection means sins are really forgiven. The atoning death of Jesus is shown as credible and full by the resurrection.
  • The resurrection means there really is hope. Christians have an inheritance with God to look forward to because Jesus rose from the dead.