Contested Marriage

Marriage: Vulnerability/Hiding

October 23, 2022 / Josh Sercey

This week Pastor Josh explores vulnerability and trust in a relationship (Genesis 2:24 – 3:13). We learn what makes us want to hide from one another and how the Gospel gives us courage to be vulnerable.

  • From day one, we are all asking the question: who can I trust?
  • Over time, we learn that we don’t want to trust. We would rather try to hide from one another and protect ourselves. 
  • This relational distrust started with Adam and Eve, and their hiding strategies are the same we use today.
  • The only antidote to hiding is the risk of vulnerability.
  • Vulnerability is possible when we know that we are safe in the heart of God. He is the anchor point that gives us courage to risk trusting another person.


  1. Trust is a touchy topic. Many of us are afraid to trust because we’ve had that trust broken. If you are able, can you share with the group a time that trust was broken? How has that shaped the way you relate to those closest to you?
  2. Just like Adam and Eve, we would rather hide than trust. And we hide in the same ways they did, like using God’s gifts to hide our sins or weaknesses. How does this show up in your life? How are you taking what God gave you and repurposing it to help you hide?
  3. The only antidote to hiding is embracing the risk of vulnerability. Vulnerability is able to heal us, like when we share something with someone and they don’t reject us. How have you experienced this? Is there an instance where being open and honest actually helped you heal?
  4. We can risk vulnerability with one another because we have the safety of God’s grace. We are guaranteed a welcome from him, so we can even risk being rejected by others. How is God’s grace toward you helping you gain courage? How is his faithfulness giving you strength?