Contested Marriage

Marriage: Love/Indifference

October 30, 2022 / Josh Sercey

This week, Pastor Josh finishes our Contested Marriage series by looking at the contest between love and indifference (Song of Solomon 8:5-7). We see what love really is and how to fight back against indifference.

  • Love and indifference cannot co-exist; one will push out the other. In fact, indifference is lethal to love. 
  • In order to fight indifference, we must know what love is. 
  • Love flourishes when we recognize that it is singularly minded, it is stubborn in its endurance, and it is more valuable than anything else. 
  • To fight against indifference, we should reflect on the love we had for one another in the beginning. But most of all, we should receive from the well of God’s love in order to be strengthened to love.


  1. Indifference toward somebody is lethal to a relationship, and it crushes each other as we overlook one another. What is your experience of being overlooked or taken for granted? How did indifference like that affect the relationship?
  2. In order to fight against indifference, we must recognize what love really is. First, Pastor Josh explored how love is meant to be singularly-minded. We must reserve our love for one person. Why do you think love flourishes most when love is given to one person? How have you experienced the devastating effects of a divided love?
  3. Pastor Josh also shared that love is so strong it is able to overcome the chaos of life. Love helps us endure through trial and tribulation. How has love done this for you? Can you describe a time where someone’s love helped you make it through suffering or hardship?
  4. If we are struggling with indifference toward one another, we can replenish our love by receiving the love of God. His well of love replenishes us and helps us love one another. How is your experience of the love of God currently? How freely are you receiving the love he wants to freely give?