Advent - A light for the world

Every day, we ask people, “how are you?” Rarely are Hope, Peace, Love and Joy part of the answers we hear, and yet they are what our souls long for.

So how do we find real hope when the future looks murky at best? How can we find peace when every interaction feels like a little war? How can we long for love in a world saturated with lust and low romantic expectations? And how can we truly rejoice when there is so much pain to be mourned?

During these four weeks of Advent, we look at these four traditional themes and specifically how Jesus is the Light for the World that illuminates how we can experience these truths even in deeply divided world.

Sermon List


December 22, 2019 / Justin Anderson


December 15, 2019 / Justin Anderson


December 9, 2019 / Justin Anderson


December 2, 2019 / Justin Anderson