Advent Lessons

The Virgin Birth

November 27, 2022 / Josh Sercey

Pastor Josh kicks off our Advent series entitled Advent Lessons. In this series we will explore four key aspects of how Jesus came into the world, and why they are critical to our faith. This week starts off by exploring the virgin birth of Christ in Luke 1:26-38.

  • Christmas is filled with sentimentality. But if that’s all we have, we’ll be left disappointed. As Christiants, this season can be one of depth and great joy if we really consider how Jesus came into the world. 
  • One of those ways to add depth and joy is by exploring the virgin birth. 
  • The virgin birth is critical because it means Jesus was born without a sinful nature. This means he can truly be our Savior and the “clean slate” we need.
  • The virgin birth also points back to God’s promise (Isaiah 7:10-14) of him doing the impossible for his people when we feel in desperate need.

Additional Scripture References: Isaiah 7:10-14



  1. Advent is a time of great joy, especially for Christians. It’s the time of year that we celebrate the first coming of Jesus, and that allows us to have a Christmas season full of deep joy rather than just sentimentality. Are there any aspects of how Jesus came into the world that encourage you most or give you joy?
  2. One of the aspects of how Jesus came into the world is through the virgin birth. This can seem like a strange miracle, but it is critical to our faith. Part of the reason it is critical is because it shows Jesus didn’t have a sinful nature, and therefore can truly be our Savior and “clean slate.” Pastor Josh talked about this and how it’s connected to our desire for a fresh start. Are there any areas of your life you feel the need for a “fresh start?” Instead of striving for that on your own, how can you rest in Jesus as the “fresh start” God supplies us?
  3. Another reason the virgin birth is critical is because it shows us God can do the impossible. In fact, that’s the point of the original promise of the virgin birth in Isaiah 7:10-14; God does the impossible when we feel trapped or helpless. Are there any areas of life that you need God to break through on? What ways do you need God to do something that seems impossible for you?