Advent Lessons

The Divinity of Christ

December 18, 2022 / Josh Sercey

This week Pastor Josh finishes our Advent Lessons series by looking at the divinity of Jesus in John 1:1-3. We see how the divinity of Jesus deepens what we come to him for.

  • Throughout the history of the church, the divinity of Jesus has been critical to understanding and keeping the Christian faith.
  • The divinity of Jesus is shown all throughout the New Testament, but especially in John 1. There we see that Jesus is the “logos” of the universe, and that through him everything was made.
  • The divinity of Jesus means we should follow his wisdom, trust his power, and center him in our worship.


  • Let’s start off with the same question as last week but about the divinity of Christ. If someone were to ask you why it’s critical that Jesus is divine, how would you answer?
  • Because Jesus is fully God, we should follow the wisdom and instruction he provides. As Pastor Josh showed, Jesus being divine means he has the best information on the most important subjects of life. Are there any areas of your life that you need wisdom right now? How can you search the Gospels to find principles from Jesus that can give you insight on that area?
  • Because Jesus is God, we also trust him for his power. Obviously, he possesses power that we do not. Is there an area of your life that you need Jesus’s power to come through? How are you hoping that Jesus will flex his power in your life right now?
  • Finally, because Jesus is divine, we should center him in our worship. Christmas is a great time to ask ourselves: what’s crowding out Jesus from our hearts? We should use this time to renew our devotion to Jesus above all. As you go into the New Year, how are you intending to make sure Jesus is at the center? Is there any repentance or practice that you need to implement in order to make sure Jesus stays at the center?