Advent 2021

The Angelic Choir

December 12, 2021 / Josh Sercey

This week, Pastor Josh examines the angelic choir of Luke 2. We see that the coming of Jesus Christ frees us from fear and how we can then rejoice in God’s glory.


  • Jesus comes into the world in complete obscurity. This gives a hint of who he came for.
  • The message of the angels tells us we have a Savior, and that can free us from fear.
  • The angels then sing about the glory of God. And not just his glory in salvation, but his glory for who he is.


  • Much of Jesus’s birth goes against our expectations, like his birth in obscurity. Why is it important that Jesus comes into the world under the cover of anonymity? What does that tell us about him? 
  • The message of the angels is meant to take away the fear of the shepherds. Why do you think the message of a Savior can free us from fear? 
  • The angels are able to sing about the glory of God, not because they are benefited by the birth of Christ, but because they see God’s glory through it. Which should challenge us to see where we glorify God for who he is and not just what he does for us. Is most of your enjoyment of God about him or about what he does for you? 
  • Being able to glorify God happens because of the grace available through Jesus. This is the center of Advent. How would you describe your level of confidence in grace? Is there any unbelief or doubt holding you back from trusting grace?