Ep.01 Peace Needs a Guide

April 22, 2020 / Justin Anderson, Ilona Trofimovich

In this episode, Ilona and Justin dive into the first practice of bible reading. The scriptures are meant to be a guide to help us navigate our lives, but we can often get discouraged by failed reading plans and books that we just don’t understand. This episode offers practical ways to think about and engage in reading scripture, whether you’d call yourself a “bible novice” or “enthusiastic scholar.” Check out the references and pick a method to practice!

Ideas We Highlight:

  • Where to start (and where NOT to start) if you’ve never read the Bible
  • A couple approaches to structuring your Bible study
  • A short debate on using Bible apps and technology when reading the Bible


How to Read the Bible for All its Worth by Gordon Fee. Find it on Amazon.

An Introduction to Inductive Bible Study Method from Moody Church – click here.

Find a summary of the steps for Lectio Devina here.

The Bible Project: watch their animated videos (used in the Read Scripture app), read their blog, listen to their podcast — on YouTube

Bible Study Tools: find and print Bible reading plans that are different lengths, books, and themes

Recommended apps for Bible reading:

  • YouVersion Bible app (multiple translations and a plethora of bible reading plans),
  • Read Scripture App (includes a reading plan and tons of video content that offers you context as you read)
  • Dwell app (a tool for memorizing scripture)


Pick a method to practice!

  • If you’ve never read the Bible, start in the Gospel of John and study it with someone who knows more than you.
  • Find a Bible reading plan. You can use the plans on the YouVersion or Read Scripture apps, or print one out from Bible Study Tools or do a simple Google search depending on the themes, lengths, or approach you want to use.
  • Want the next level? Pick a book of the Bible and challenge yourself to do an in-depth study by picking up a commentary (again, study with someone who knows more than you!), reading about the historical context, and watching some Bible Project videos on the topic.
  • Bonus: practice bible reading as a community! Study the same book or use the same plan with other folks so you can hold one another accountable and learn together.