LEADERSHIP PODCAST / Leadership in the Valley (Leadership Podcast)

Ep.01 Why Mental Health? – Leadership in the Valley

November 12, 2020 / Justin Anderson, Joshua Sercey

In this episode, Justin brings on our Spiritual Formation Director, Josh Sercey, to discuss mental and emotional health. Specifically, this season we want to discuss the ways in which our mental and emotional unhealth affects our leadership, and how God’s character matters for such struggles. For this episode, Justin and Josh discuss the false ideas we have about leadership that would keep us from being honest in this conversation.

Ideas We Highlight:

  • Mental and emotional health is a part of who we are, so we cannot compartmentalize our life and prevent our unhealth from coming into leadership.
  • God’s character is consequential and effective in bringing us closer toward healing, and so we don’t have to be afraid to admit where we are weak.


  • Assess Your Mental Health:

The first step to wholeness in our lives is to take an honest look at our mental health. We need to ask ourselves the tough questions, and look at our leadership to see where our mental unhealth is coming out. 

  • Admit Your Weakness:

After you’ve assessed yourself, take the time to admit to yourself, to God, and to others the ways in which you are weak. Take the observations you’ve done through assessing yourself and actually admit where you are weak. Write it down in a journal. Share it with a close friend. Confess it and own your weaknesses before God in prayer.

  • Enter With Expectancy:

We can enter this conversation with expectancy and hope because we have a God who is able to touch where we are broken. His character is consequential for our healing, and so we should embrace the conversation of vulnerability with hope and expectancy for the good God to help us be whole.