Ep.01 Am I Ready?

July 29, 2020 / Justin Anderson, Ilona Trofimovich

In this episode, Ilona and Justin discuss how we assess our individual readiness as leaders for what’s coming in the next phase of life in the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, part of our responsibility as leaders is considering what our teams and organizations need, but first we need to do our individual work of preparation. This episode explores three categories of readiness and how those will align with the work waiting for us in the coming season.

Ideas We Highlight:

  • How to connect what we’re doing individually to what our organizations need
  • The importance of exposing and dealing with our idolatry of success
  • Why humility is the key leadership trait we need to cultivate moving forward


“What, So What, Now What”

Set aside time to reflect on what’s in front of you as a leader and how you can ready yourself. Block out time on the schedule, and write down your specific responses.

  1. What: what do I need to focus on in this next season?
  2. So what: how are my current rhythms/habits keeping me from my goals?
  3. Now what: what did I start/stop doing in the past couple months that I need to reinforce/change moving forward?