Ep.01 Is My Organization Ready?

August 26, 2020 / Justin Anderson, Ilona Trofimovich

In the final episode of the season, Ilona and Justin close by discussing how to get our organizations ready for whatever we’re trying to accomplish this fall. Using a framework of process and product, they discuss how we can evaluate organizational products and processes in light of our goals.

Ideas We Highlight:

  • Why both the product AND the process must be high quality and effective
  • How church leaders can identify the ways their “product” must change
  • How showing initiative to consider process and product can pay dividends for your own leadership, for your team, and for your organization


Barna ResearchOne in Three Practicing Christians Has Stopped Attending Church During COVID-19


Assess Your Organization’s Readiness
Set aside time to reflect on your organization. With your mission and context in mind, consider the “product” your organization distributes. How does the product need to adapt to this new COVID-19 context? How will that necessitate that your process changes as well?