We’re all looking for our true identity. To find it, we need Jesus and we need people.

We believe.

Our Vision.

We love Seattle.

We desire to be a safe haven of grace for the wounded.

A church where the refugees of our culture’s identity crisis can find meaning and purpose.

A place of connection in a city riddled with isolation.

But the ultimate reason Icon exists is to redirect our worship to Jesus, the only true Icon.

Our Values.

Jesus-Centered. Our truest identity is in Jesus.

Spirit-Empowered. Prayer precedes power. 

Grace-Oriented. Those who get grace give grace.

Grounded by Scripture. We shape our lives around the Bible and not the other way around.

Renewed as Community. Spiritual formation is a community project.

Sent on Mission. It’s not a question of if you’re called, but to whom and where.

We are disciples that follow Jesus faithfully in real life.

At Icon you’ll find a community of people connecting their career, families, and relationships with their faith.

We root ourselves in the Bible, believing it’s God’s spoken testimony about himself. We orient our lives around grace, knowing that no one ever graduates from need. We also know this isn’t a solo journey, so we gather regularly for friendship and fellowship.

Join on Sunday

Icon Church adheres to the historic confessions of the Christian Church as articulated in the Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, and the Lausanne Covenant.

Hi there!
I'm Sarah.

I am a dental assistant in downtown, and I joined Icon after not going to church for a long time. I’ve discovered I love listening to sermon podcasts, especially on my commute to work or while doing chores. It’s so helpful to talk about them with others, and I’m grateful for the space in my community group to discuss and safely ask “dumb” questions! My group has also taught me that showing up and learning about each other and being in each other’s presence week after week is also a part of my spiritual growth.


That’s a little about us, now tell us about you.

We’d love to connect with you – this is our invitation for you to get to know a real person from our team.