Icon Church exists because God loves Seattle and called a small group of Christians to do the same. Beginning in the summer of 2018, we began to dream and pray about starting a new church in the middle of the city that would bear witness to the goodness of God and invite people to become who God made them to be. The phrase, “King, Kingdom and the Common Good” resonated deeply; the seed of a vision that has grown into Icon Church.

We believe that all humans are made in the image of God and are literal icons, sent to reflect the character and love of God (Gen 1:26-28). We want to be a church where people are transformed by the only true icon, Jesus, to become who they are (Col 1:15).


Leadership team.

Justin, Emilie, and the crew…

Justin Anderson

Justin and Emilie have been married for 13 years and have five children, Lily, Cole, Penny, Tess and William. This is the third (and final!) church that they have planted together and they are excited to be back in this season. Emilie and Justin have lived all over the west coast, from Phoenix to San Diego, San Francisco and Portland but are glad to finally be putting roots down in Seattle.

Ilona Trofimovich - Ilona, a thriving millennial living in Columbia City, adores books, house plants, and creating themed playlists. She'll take any excuse to gather people and throw a party. As the lead for Icon's Hospitality team, she would love to meet you and connect you with others.

Cliff Low - Cliff Low is married to Hyun Ju and has two kids, Madeline and Zach. Cliff Loves snow and water sports, travel, and dinner with friends. Cliff and Hyun Ju care for Icon’s Community Group Leaders.

Josh Obendorf - Josh and his wife Rebekah live in the University District with their two little people, Grayson (3 years) and Audrey (6 months). Josh loves to travel and go on adventures with his family and friends. He is a mediocre golfer, decent ping pong player and huge Seattle/UW sports fan. Josh will be helping oversee finances at Icon.

Hyun Ju Low - Stuff about leader like areas they serve and who they will lead. Stuff about leader like areas they serve and who they will lead.

Katie Hager - Katie is wife to Chris and mom to three kids. She is a native of Texas but thrilled to call Seattle home for most of the last 11 years. She loves kombucha, chatting (think "mom are you stiiill chatting?"), walking her puppy, and trying new restaurants in her neighborhood. Katie co-leads IconKids.

Emilie Anderson - Emilie is married to Justin and has 5 energetic kids. She loves sunshine and running. She gets to stay home with her children and in rare moments of spare time she co-leads IconKids.

Brad Crane - Stuff about leader like areas they serve and who they will lead. Stuff about leader like areas they serve and who they will lead.

Andy Roberts - Andy, originally from Tennessee, comes to Seattle by way of the ATL, Vegas, and LA. Andy loves technology, playing and watching sports of all kinds. He has one grown son who’s in LA flying drones for Hollywood. Not surprisingly, Andy is leading the A/V and tech.


We believe.

Icon Church adheres to the historic confessions of the Christian Church as articulated in the Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed and the Lausanne Covenant.

We say all the time that Icon is committed to the King, the Kingdom and the Common Good, but what does this mean?

Loving the King. 

This idea is one of the most wonderful paradoxes of Christianity. Kings are typically to be respected, honored and obeyed but rarely are we asked to love them. How can we be commanded to love? Because our King isn’t like most kings. King Jesus loved us long before we loved him. He came to earth to demonstrate his incredible love personally by living among us, dying on our behalf and overcoming death itself in the resurrection. King Jesus is not just sacrificially loving but he is also incredibly powerful, and that is quite the combination. It’s easy to love a King that loves you so much that he lays down his own immense power and majesty just to bring us near to him.

Seeking the Kingdom. 

Matthew 7 tells us that instead of seeking after worldly wealth, comfort and power, that we should “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness”. Seeking the Kingdom means actively submitting our lives to God’s Kingdom vision by learning his Word, committing ourselves to spiritual practices and actively growing in discipleship. The posture of our lives should be that we are seeking and proactively desiring God’s kingdom come. The remarkable promise Jesus makes is that if we seek first his Kingdom, meaning that if we give our lives to the things he has told us are most valuable and important, he will provide everything that we need. Our King always takes care of his people and so we seek his Kingdom, the place where we will experience the truest human flourishing.

Serving the Common Good. 

From the beginning, Christianity was meant to be an embodied faith. This means that there is a direct link between God’s Kingdom coming to earth and the general well-being of the rest of creation. Christianity isn’t just a belief system that exists in our minds and hearts but is a lived faith, one that must impact our daily lives if it’s to be fully embraced. The more our world looks like God’s kingdom, the more people will flourish. At Icon, we are committed to proclaim the gospel so that people will be saved but we will also serve the Common Good so that people can see a tangible demonstration of God’s vision for His world. God’s love for his world extends far beyond the theological commitments of the people and deep into their daily lives.