We make disciples who follow Jesus faithfully in real life.

You were made in the image of God, and yet you, like all of us, have never lived a day fully reflecting that image. So Jesus, the only true image bearer, made a way for you to become who you are.

Join us as we follow Jesus together.

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Seattle has much to offer to us as ambitious and adventurous people, but the pace of life quickly pulls us off balance. We can get so busy that we struggle to experience a deep sense of community and purpose.

At Icon Church, we understand that tension. And while it’s not easy, we do think the solution is simple.

Committing to following Jesus brings everything into alignment. We connect you with others who are like you, seeking purpose, clarity, and connection in our lives.

Together we apply Biblical teaching and practices to our real lives so we can experience the contentment we were designed to feel.


Biblical Teaching

Sermons, groups and classes to equip you with a Gospel worldview

Deep Relationships

Men and women who become like family

Secure Identity

Clarity in who you are and what you were made for


Join a community of believers committed to following Jesus faithfully in real life.

“I've learned so much at Icon about what it looks like to be a Christian leader and business owner. God cares deeply about our work - that we work unto Him and to serve others - and biblical wisdom unlocks our flourishing in both our work and rest. Icon has taught me so much about how the Gospel speaks into our work so that I and those I lead can thrive!”
- Joe, Gym Owner

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Simple Steps to Get Connected

  • Say Hi: Fill out our form and we'll reach out to get to know you.
  • Connect: We’ll introduce you to some cool folks in your neighborhood.
  • Grow: From deep relationships to engaging teaching on important topics, you’ll experience a warm community where you can grow.

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We gather Sundays at 10am

Regular participation in Christian worship reminds us of who we are and forms us into who we were made to be. Right now we gather on Sundays at 10am in the Central District in Seattle. Our weekly sermons are also available online.

At Icon, we believe you were made in the image of God.

Yet you, like all of us, have never lived a day fully reflecting that image. So Jesus made a way for you to become who you are.

Straightforward, sure.

But we also feel the pressure of our busy schedules. We struggle to prioritize our friends or family. We fear of being labelled as “that kind of Christian.”

You’re not alone. We understand the complexity of all the competing voices. To figure it out, you need Jesus, and you need people.

As you commit to following Jesus faithfully in your life, you’ll experience God’s purpose and peace. And as you do so with others, you’ll feel the love, compassion, and support we’re meant to give one another.

We’d invite you to join us. Say hi, connect with real people in our community, and experience satisfaction of growing in your faith alongside people who share your vision for the good life.

Let’s follow Jesus faithfully together.

Church is about people. Meet some of ours.

Who’s got time to read their Bible?We get it.

We believe God invites all of us to a dynamic spiritual life, but between the demands of work and life, it can be tough to make time.

Why not try something new? We put together a guide with 4 simple spiritual practices for busy people, just like you.

No matter how busy you are, a small step can make a big difference. Give it a try.