Made in His image to reflect His glory and grace
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We are icons of the invisible God

We call ourselves Icon because from the very beginning, the Bible describes humans as "image bearers of God". This is our first and truest identity. Jesus himself was described in Colossians 1 as the "image of the invisible God", meaning that he was the fullest expression of what humans were meant to be. The idea of Image of God is one of the richest and most meaningful ideas in the scriptures and is the foundation for historic Christian rejection of racism, sexism, and all forms of bigotry. It is also one of the most aspirational ideas in scripture, because it teaches that all of us are made intimately by God, in his own image, endowing us with inherent value and purpose.

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On Sundays we gather

Our Sunday gatherings are designed to be accessible to anyone but uniquely Christian. Our worship and preaching are deeply rooted in church history and shaped by our modern, Seattle culture. We make it as easy as possible for people to connect to the church, while also creating a culture that always invites people to experience more of God’s transforming presence.


We need each other

If we are ever to become who God made us to be, we need help. God made us for community and so each week our Community Groups gather, pray, serve and play together. It’s super easy to join, just click the link below!

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A church for the king, the kingdom and the common good

Icon Church exists because God loves Seattle and called a small group of Christians to do the same. Beginning in the summer of 2018, we began to dream and pray about starting a church in the middle of the city that would bear witness to the love of God and invite people to become who God made them to be.